Enduro 10’6 Thermo Paddleboard

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FREE adjustable paddle and leash included.


Need a indestructible paddle board? Here you have it!

Made from the latest thermo-plastic technologies this board is perfect for families and hire facilitates- this SUP will not ding! Not only that, but it looks the part too and will have people asking where you got this unique beast from wherever you go!

Beautiful easy to paddle characteristics, with a nice “all rounder” shape that will accommodate flat water cruising, in addition to surfing.

Full length deck pad also makes this board very doggy friendly with plenty of soft padded area for your puppy (or child) to sit at the nose end. Also great for the Yoga warriers 🙂

  • 10’6 x 32 x 4.5 195L
  • x3 fin set-up
  • full length deck pad
  • adjustable paddle and leash included for FREE


Out of stock


FREE adjustable paddle and leash included.

  • 10’6 x 32 x 4.5 195L
  • x3 fin set-up
  • full length deck pad
  • board weight 15kg
  • Adjustable fiberglass paddle and leash included for FREE

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Weight 20 kg

1 review for Enduro 10’6 Thermo Paddleboard

  1. Nick Smeltzer

    Excellent board!

    I’ve been paddle boarding for a few years now, but always with iSUP’s. I’ve paddled plenty of different manufacturers iSUP’s and different lengths up to 14ft tourers. I have 2 iSUP’s a cheap generic one for my wife and kids and a top end iSUP from Red Paddle Co, the most popular iSUP in the world – the Red 10.6.

    I take my iSUP’s to lots of different places. I go on rivers, lakes and also on gentle surf! I’d always wanted a hard board as I wanted so see how they would perform. I’ve read lots about the performance benefits of a hard board vs an iSUP and was expecting a hard board to perform no different to an iSUP on a river or lake, but to perform much better in surf. I spent a year researching hard boards. I realised that if you are surfing on sand, you can pretty much by any hard board. But I wouldn’t be. I would be playing on a sandy beach one day, a pebble beach the next. I might be on a canal with concrete sides one day, or a lake with a shingle beach the next. Everything I read said that iSUP was much more durable and that a glass-fibre hard board would ding easily in my application.

    Then I came across the Enduro from Fatstick. It seemed like the perfect board. As indestructable as a iSUP with the performace of an all-round hard board. I did some more research, I spoke to the Fatstick team and in the end, I decided I’d chance it. If I’m honest, I didn’t expect performance like an allround glass-fibre board and I didn’t expect to notice any difference on flat water, but I did expect better performace in the surf. I also expected the board to be heavy and I was concerned that the weight of the board might be the factor that decided if I would keep it long term or get shut of it. But I figured I’d give it a go.

    So I ordered one and waited.

    First things first. I didn’t have to wait very long. I ordered on a Monday and I had the board the following Wednesday. So delivery was fast considering the size of the board.

    When I unpacked the board and took a good look at it, it was easy to see that I’d made the right decision. It’s a gorgeous looking board with a foam pad that runs the entire length. I picked it up and I was amazed. It it absolutely no heavier than my inflatable SUP. I expected it to be heavy and it isn’t. It’s very easy to carry.

    In use, as expected, in small surf (all I do), it performs tons better than an inflatable. I was expecting that, so I’m not surprised to be honest. But I’m glad. I’d have been dissapointed if I couldn’t tell a difference.

    But what was surpising is the improvement on flat water. It tracks loads better than my Red 10,6 does. It glides across the water better too. There is so much less resistance and it requires much less effort to paddle – or for the same effort, you go much much faster. I was truly amazed by the difference. It is also so much more manouverable too – something I wasn’t expecting. Moving your paddle in an arc from front to back results in an efortless pivot whereas the iSUP requires much more effort. That was a nice surpise.

    But what has surpised me more than anything is the ease of use. Sometimes I’d think to myself “I can’t be bothered” because I didn’t want the hassle of inflating an iSUP and then deflating it at the end. Whereas with this, assuming you have the storage for it, it is on your roofrack and secured within 1 minute. Off at the other end within 30 seconds and then you are on the water and off.

    As it is called Enduro, you can expect an element of durability and you get this. You could store this SUP outside all year round without worrying about it. I’ve had it in and out of canals against concrete banks and on shingle and it’s great. No marks or dings.

    I’ve had my dog on the front and she left dirty muddy paw prints in the foam but when I got it home, I just hosepiped the board clean and it looks like new again.

    If you are in any doubt about getting an allrounder hardboard, don’t. Get this, you won’t be dissapointed!

    If I only surfed on a sandy beach, maybe I would get a glass-fibre long-board style SUP. But as I go everywhere from rivers to lakes to surf, an all-rounder is best and this is loads better than the best allround iSUP.

    Hope that helps!

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