Wooden Retro Belly Board


Fat Buoy Sustainable Belly Board with FatStick Branding!

Hand Crafted Wooden Retro Belly Board for catching those summer waves

Created in Bournemouth.

(These Belly Boards have become very popular: Simply use them like a Body Board and to bring back those memories from the 70’s)

PLEASE NOTE: If on Back-Order please allow two weeks from purchase date for the next batch đŸ™‚

Current model available is the Hemp Oil Stained Board

Available on back-order


Traditionally made, handcrafted and hand painted bellyboards made from sustainable Okoume/gaboon plywood. Heated and bent by hand in our specially made racks to form a nice gentle rocker. Rockers will vary slightly due to the nature of wood.

Boards are finished in hemp oil and water based varnish.

Standard board  120cms x 30cms

Shorty 80cm x 30cm

These sustainable wooden traditional boards are a part of the movement bringing back the heritage of British surfing. Pre-dating surfboards these simple boards date back to the 1920’s .

Bellyboards have less flotation than your foam body boards and act as a planing surface on top of water. Enthusiasm required over skill!


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Weight 1 kg