What's In Your Kit Bag

It's Not Just About Board, Paddle, Leash & Fins

With a lot of you heading out on boards bought over the winter period, and some of the new FatStick Family members being brand new to the water, there are some important basics.

Whilst your equipment is key to heading out, there are a few things that you should have with you before hitting the water.

Be it for a fun SUP around a lake, a long distance river or canal paddle or heading out from the beach - we always have these essentials with us...just in case.

Some or all of these can be carried on the board, some can be in your car/van, but they should always be with you.

What Are They?

  • Mobile Phone - you should always have a form of communication with you incase you, or someone else around you, is in need of emergency help.

  • Spare Lanyard - Over time, leash lanyards weaken and can snap. With the temptation to just head out anyway without a leash, by having a spare, you will always be safe and your journey won't be wasted. More importantly, you won't be tempted to take risks. (Never head out without a leash)

  • Foil Blanket - These are incredibly handy to help with hypothermia, shock and there, just incase you take a dunk and your kit isn't warm enough. At this time of year, the water temperature as well as the air temperature is extremely low - being cold can be a killer. For a couple of quid, you can grab a blanket and peace of mind.

  • Basic First Aid Kit - Simple plasters, a triangular bandage, a gauze bandage and gloves. That's all that's needed. Even if you're not a qualified First Aider, in some cases you may be the only person available to help. So be equipped, just in case.

  • Fuel - we don't me petrol, we mean high protein/energy bars. Anything can happen when you're out paddling and if you end up having a bit of a blast of a paddle and your energy levels drop - having a hypo isn't fun. A massive dump in energy can also be dangerous.

  • Simple Rope - We don't mean you need to carry a bundle to climb Everest, but a 6' wrap of good thin nylon rope is strong, won't take up much room and can help to tow in another paddler in difficulty. Some people have used their leashes to tow, however, this puts you at risk. You as a casualty is no help to anyone.
    Look after yourself first.

  • Hand Sanitiser - This is obvious. Not just because of Covid, but because you don't know what you're going to coming across whilst out there.

  • Knowledge - Know where you're going. Know the conditions. Know the weather. Know your kit. Know your limitations.

Keep all this in mind and to hand, and you should be covered for all eventualities - no matter what time of year.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, we are here to look after you, not just sell you a board and leave you to your own devices.

Paddle boarding is a fantastic past time, great to help clear your head and also keep you fit, but the water can be a dangerous place if unprepared.

Stay Smart. SUP Safe