FatStick Is Going Street

Decks. Trucks. Wheels On The Road

It's taken a while, but we were finally allowed to announce this little project that is genuinely like starting all over again, but this time, it's with Penny style skateboards.

They can't be Penny Boards of any kind as that is well and truly taken...and as always, we don't follow!

We know there are other brands out there doing their thing with boards and boards, but we're hoping to go that little step further.

The Difference

2020 was a year where FatStick committed to making a difference to our place on the planet and our Carbon Footprint.

This is being achieved by planting trees for every board created and sold, along with reducing and in some cases completely removing the single use plastics in our packaging.

This is great and we're on track, things are working and there's a brighter future...but with another item to add to the shop that is predominantly made from plastic, it would be remiss of us not to try to make this work for not only you or us, but the planet too.

After a good few months of chatting with numerous factories, we have finally found one that has a green heart.

The factory we have been chatting with and pestering with question after question, re-uses all of it's off cut plastics, all sub-standard creations and all bits that are left over.

Every ounce gets crushed and remade into a new creation.

Not Enough

That may have been enough to rest easy. Throw in a tree and Bob's your Uncle, you've got yourself a sustainable product...but!

That's not enough - it's not enough for us, it shouldn't be enough for you and it certainly isn't enough for the planet. Trees are a fantastic commodity and make huge differences, but they aren't the only answer!

As such, we are working with the incredible people in the factory that are creating our boards, to go the extra mile and make the boards from recycled plastic, or as Moonshine Eyewear call it - Second Life Plastic!

On The Drawing Board

As it stands, the boards are designed, the FatStick mould had been created and is waiting for the plastic that will create the deck - but we're waiting until Chinese New Year is over before we create a test model to try it for durability and maximum rider weight. So no matter what happens, these will be a sustainable product, but just how  sustainable remains to be seen!

We WILL be creating boards. They will be ethical and sustainable (reduction in waste by reusing the old and unused plastic). They WILL be unique to FatStick.

We hope to be one of, if not the first European brand to make our boards from recycled plastic and we are committed to making this happen!

....and we will be keeping the price as low as possible to make it accessible to all.

So, there it is! We're still on the boards....but these are going to be hitting the road!