Moonshine Reveals All...


We thought as it was nearly summer and we've been a little quiet prepping for the upcoming season, why not have a 'Guest Blog'? We always talk about us, maybe it would be nice to talk about someone else? So here it is - Moonshine Eyewear answering a few questions. What makes them tick? Why Sunnies? What next? Read on...

1. How did you choose the world of Sunglasses?

I love watches and sunglasses. I don't know how to produce that too brief?

2. What ignited the spark in you to get involved in the industry?

It was there for years. Mrs Moonshine said to stop planning/talking, and get it done. So that's it, I do as I'm told, most of the time, and now I have a Sunglasses Brand that I'm very proud of and believe in.

3. How important has support been to your success?

I haven't had much support (other than Mrs Moonshine) and stupidly, I choose it to be that way. The success or failure is yours and yours alone. What has left me feeling grateful is the love I receives via all manner of channels. From the customers that send me their pictures (I love that) to the people who don't buy (yet) and compliment me on the ethos of Moonshine. Although it may seem a little contrived, it's a real leveller and gives me a boost.

4. If you had a chance to start your company over again, would you do anything differently?

More money. Much more money. I naively underestimated what starting a sunglasses company from scratch would cost - but that's where we are and although I'm not answering these questions from my Sunseeker Yacht - I am answering them knowing that I did this and my idea wasn't a stupid one.

5. What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Doing bespoke contracts for third parties and it's only the third party that profits. I would revisit some of those decisions and learn to decline the opportunity. This may sound a little cold and harsh, but I was unaware just how many people wanted something for nothing. I spend long hours developing and designing. These aren't your 'off the shelf re-cycled sunglasses'. They are designed and made to my specs (pun intended).

6. How many hours a day do you work on average, and what does your typical day look like?

Having young twins it's a long day. Also, I choose to put in every spare minute. I generally wake up at 6am - Do the kid stuff whilst emailing suppliers etc. Then the day ends when I can't stay awake anymore. Around 1/2 am...

7. What motivates you, and who has been your greatest inspiration?

My family motivates me. Wife and kids -  I don't have a great inspiration, I aim to be one. I'd like my kids to grow up knowing what hard work and passion can bring. Things don't happen by chance - they need to be worked at. You also need to fail from time to time. You can learn a book from failure and a page from success - it's all about how you bounce back that defines you.

8. How do you define success?

Now there's a BIG open question. Honestly? In order to achieve great things, I don't think you can have a static marker of success. You should have your goals and once you reach them you should have a replacement. Sitting still and looking back at what you have done won't help push you forward.

Outside of Moonshine - if Mrs Moonshine and the kids are proud of me - I consider that a win!

9. What do you enjoy most about being involved in the industry?

I enjoy the creativity, the Social Media interaction and unpacking new products before launch. Remember the scene on Scrooge McDuck where he dives into all of that cash? That's me with a new batch of sunglasses (not literally)

10. Where do you see the use of plastics in the industry in 10 years? 20 years?

I think it will be still used by the old guard/major brands. Purely because they aren't agile enough or as forward thinking as the independents. We intend to launch a bio-composite range soon that is biodegradable and compostable. Sounds odd, but they are a very exciting concept. Reusing plastics and recycling the waste is great and we are 100% behind it, but how cool would it be to not actually need it...?

11. What would be your ‘dream come true’ for Moonshine?

To walk along a beach somewhere. And the main sunglasses brand that you can see is Moonshine.

12. If you could only ever wear one pair of Moonshines ever - which would you choose?

White/fire ReMix 2.0

...and that's Moonshine

It's very clear to us at FatStick that Dave is very passionate with his vision. We know ourselves from our own research - recyclable material is more expensive than sourcing from new. To put so much effort and time into Moonshine, he has a goal and we believe that he will achieve it.

FatStick will be there supporting Moonshine all the way. We feel very blessed to have been introduced to Dave & Moonshine.

We hope there are many more years of collaboration.