Safe Paddling Guide

There's no doubt that the growth of stand up paddle boarding has increased over the Covid years as it offered people time to clear their heads...and it's pretty easy to do. Right?

That 'ease' is also one of the biggest dangers - it encourages people to head out with their new paddle board purchase without really know what to do. 

The GOLDEN RULE is - Get. A. Lesson!

  • Find an instructor with an appropriate accreditation and rescue award.
  • Learn in a similar environment to where you will paddle (sea, lake, river)
  • Make sure they have all the correct safety equipment
  • Ask to be taught about weather, tides, flow and dangers

Once you've done this, you should buy your board and head back out for another lesson. Get to know your board better. Make sure your board has all the appropriate kit. 

Every FatStick Inflatable comes with a safety leaflet, How2 guide and both an ankle leash and Quick Release waist belt as standard. 

When you head out have a checklist, get into a routine, always assess where you're paddling & if you're ever in doubt - don't go out.

Relax & Enjoy

We've may have painted a concerning picture, but if you can have a safety routine and follow it, you have all bases covered and you're prepared. 


We teamed up with the epic Dale Mears from Stand Up Paddle UK (Insta & Facebook) and wrote a simple SUP Safe Guide. Keep this at hand and follow the guidance to have a fun time on your board.