SUP Lingo - What's Blah & What's Not

What Terms Are Good To Know

We've all been there. Listening, reading or actively taking part in a good old chat, when someone drops in a word that everyone knows except for us!

We let it pass, say nothing and then forget to Google it until we hear it again! Problem is, like everything, and we do mean EVERYTHING...there's helpful 'lingo' and there's using words for the sake of it!

Here's one for you! Portage! Heard of it? It basically means moving around with your board...or the technical term of 'carrying'.

Some Things Are Worth Knowing

Whilst we've never used, and will be unlikely to use 'portage', ever when talking about SUP, there are terms and acronyms that are good to know, especially if your buying for the first time or getting deeper into the sport. But for day to day SUPing and just enjoying a paddle with don't need to be an expert.

After all, no one likes a know it all.

With that in mind, Andy did a very simple walk round of a SUP, and these terms are ubiquitous...or common😉 almost fell into the 'portage' trap - basically, it means that the terms are the same for all boards, hard or inflatable and all brands, shapes and sizes.

Facebook groups can be an intimidating place with lots of people with LOTS of knowledge. With all peeps wanting to share their knowledge with you, it can become very daunting and sometimes a little patronising.

Best thing to do, 'ask the question', sit back and wait for the answers - but - not all of them will be helpful, not all of them will be balanced and not all of them will be easy to understand. Pick out what you do understand and find useful, and disregard all the others.

There's not such thing as a silly question.

If it comes to it - ask the brand you're interested in. They will reply and help you, and even explain terms that aren't in your everyday vocabulary!

So, that's it! Here's the video.

If you have any questions....please feel free to communicate with our website using an electronic mail in an expeditious and succinct manner, and we shall be in touch, with great haste....

Ping us a mail😉