What Paddle Board Size Do I Need

This answer can vary depending on what discipline you are looking into?

Racing, Touring, Surfing or General Paddling...however, if you're looking into any of the first 3, you're likely to have experience of paddle boarding and as such, an all rounder board isn't the answer. 

If you're asking the question because you're new to, starting out or thinking about paddle boarding, the answer is very simple. 

An 'All Rounder' board is what you should be looking for. The entry into the world of the most accessible water sport is very noisy, with multiple lengths, depths and widths of boards to choose from. 

Generally speaking, a 10'6 x 32 x 4.5 board is perfect. Long enough to give you the appropriate level of travel through the water, whilst being wide enough to give you stability without compromising the forward momentum. 

We have seen riders from 4'8 to 6'6 and 38kg to 130kg riding our Pure Art All Round SUP. 

The grey area, through poor information is the rail height. 

Too many instructors who have bought cheaper boards or boards that offer good selling incentives that have 6" rails will recommend this size rail for completely the wrong reasons. 

A good board will keep its shape and not bend in the middle due to it's construction - not because of the rail height.

Higher rails mean more of the board out of the water which adversely affects the stability of the board. 

Lower rails mean a lower centre of gravity, meaning the stability is better which then improves your experience and confidence. 

It's not subjective - it's factual.