Who Will Make a Difference

Anyone Can Make a Difference

As we were nearing the end of 2017 Reuben and the FatStick Team sat down to talk through the year. We were all pleased with how things had gone, but The Boss clearly had things on his mind.

He announced that 2018 would be the year that FatStick gave something back. He wasn’t referring to giving everyone access to affordable boards or finance in order to help folk get out on the water, that’s goes without saying - he wanted something different.

Freezing Breaks and Icebergs

In 2018 FatStick will be going to Iceland.

The FatStick Team will travel to Iceland to not just surf the icy breaks or paddle through ice flows - we will be raising awareness of a charity we’re very lucky to be linked with - The Wave Project.

These guys work with vulnerable children and young people in order to reduce anxiety and improve their emotional health. With the taboo surrounding mental health slowly being chipped away, these guys work with clients who have been referred to them. The Wave Project mentors help their clients achieve their own goals, set by themselves. This approach reduces anxiety and allows them to feel empowered, enabling them to overcome challenges and develop a sense of pride in their achievements.

Our intention is to raise funds through sponsorship and awareness. The team at the Wave Project are an incredible bunch who are making a difference to young lives and they’re doing it by being on the water. There are thousands of very worthy charities out there - but this one struck a chord with us and we’re excited in just what we can achieve for them.

A Little Help

We are on the look out for sponsors for cold weather clothing and wetsuits. Whilst we will get the riders and boards over to Iceland, we still need help to kit the team out in the correct clothing in and out of the water. So if you know anyone that would be willing to help and be a part of this journey - get in touch (info@fatstickboards.com).

Community Projects

In 2017 we all met Dave Ludgate - our man in the Emerald Isle. A guy with a real passion for the cleaning up of our waterways - both coastal & inland. Dave’s passion has brought us closer to an amazing lady - Lizzie Carr. Lizzie, who founded Plastic Patrol, has and still is dedicating all her time to raise awareness of the plastic problem that is growing and choking our seas.

Andy Warner (our guy in Hayling) had the pleasure of talking with Lizzie about her plans for 2018 and he has assured us we will be seeing a lot more from Lizzie and Plastic Patrol.

Who Will Help

With Dave Ludgate in one ear and Lizzie in the other - Andy has taken the opportunity and invited the 5 schools on Hayling Island to take part in a Beach Clean. The Chair of the Combined Board needed no convincing. Once the request had been made by FatStick - the replies came flying back.

Listening to the likes of Lizzie and Dave - it’s important to not just pick up rubbish, but to educate and teach people why we need to prevent the use of Single Use Plastics and start to look at ways of removing them from our lives altogether.

So here is our line in the sand - FatStick will be committed to Beach Cleans in their areas. We ask you guys to be involved in Beach Cleans around you.

...and if you are - shout about it. Tell us. Send us pictures and let us champion your work.

Oh, and whilst you’re out there picking up all the litter from the beaches - download the Plastic Patrol app to get your location and collecting logged.

Here’s to 2018