We're Proud To Introduce The Hardcase

Why proud?

As with all the boards, we pore over our shape files to make sure we are happy and in turn, you'll be happy. We listen to you guys and take feedback from our team riders...and that last point is where this board is different.

With our guy Dave Ludgate in Ireland being so invested in the cleaning of our coastlines and waterways, he asked us to reduce our plastic footprint. ...so we did!

The new Hardcase has 2 main features that set it aside and allows it to stand out from the crowd.

The first being its construction. The Hardcase is constructed from partially reclaimed materials, this means that any excess can be reused meaning less waste.

We’re sure one day there will be a way to build a board almost entirely out of reused materials, but until that day comes, we’re happy with this process and will continue to use and develop it.

We mentioned that the Hardcase has 2 features...the second is its ‘hard case’. Because the plastic outer is, well, plastic, it’s tough! And when we say tough, we mean tough. Tests have shown us that the Hardcase Technology is up to 5 times tougher than an epoxy board. This means that you can enjoy your board without the worry of damaging it.

FatStick are working hard at becoming a name that is not only synonymous with quality SUP shapes, but also with responsibly sourcing materials where possible. We know there’s a long way to go and that there are lessons to learn along the way - for now, the ‘Hardcase’ is our statement to show you guys we’re serious!

The dimensions - 10'6 x 32" x 4.5" - the weight will follow, but we can say it's as light as our regular boards....this isn't a tease, but watch this space!