Accessibility In Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) & Kayaking

We always rave that Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) is one of, if not the most accessible water sports out there. But is it really?

We have been very lucky to work with the incredible people at Access Adventures in an attempt to make SUP truly 'accessible' buy tailoring the equipment we offer to help many, with not only getting on the water safely, but with a price that isn't obscene. 

As soon as you tack on the word 'Adaptive' or "Accessible' the £££ start to appear and it's almost as if the user is being punished.

In 2018 we made a pledge to Jane at Access Adventures that we would make, not only a useful, but affordable paddle board adaptive seat that can be used by amputees, paraplegics and those with disabilities that won't allow the user to stand. 



We have developed an inexpensive and simple solution that doesn't require out riggers, ancillary parts and more importantly, any help. We have called this innovative new product the  Adaptive Inflatable SUP seat which is a great piece of equipment for Wheelchair users, Neuro-diverse people or many other people experiencing disabilities or injuries. 


One of the important briefs in our creation pack was, although not ashamed by their situation users don't want to draw attention and want to just be able to 'get on with it'.

Our Unique Boost Electric Paddle Board (SUP & Kayak) Fin

Another great piece of watrsports equipment we stock is the Electric Boost Fin. This fin gently & easily propels the rider along reducing the requirement to paddle all the time. The Boost Fin is controlled by a remote strapped to the riders wrist and is nearly silent in operation. Again this Boost fin is a great item to make Paddle Boarding & Kayaking more accessible for Wheelchair users and/or people with injuries or disabilities. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Next Steps, we are now cresting a kneeling platform called "The Donkey"

In constant development to improve the design and with a new partner project called 'The Donkey', we are committed to make FatStick the brand that make SUP truly more accessible! Keep a eye out for its release!