Cheap vs affordable SUPs…

…there’s a difference. Whether you realise it or not, when we refer to something as cheap we’re usually talking about the lesser quality of a product or service. But at Fatstick we describe ourselves as affordable – a meaning with completely different connotations.

Fatstick SUP range

Our mission at FS HQ is to get people up and paddling (and surfing) as quickly and efficiently as possible. While we readily agree that stand up paddle boarding equipment, in general, are big ticket items (for most people), we also appreciate that gear with three figures attached isn’t that appealing – especially to those entering the sport.

Of course bigger brands are certainly justifiable in their pricing structures. After all, the level of quality, performance and materials used, plus the amount of R&D and number of employees in each organisation justifies the end result. But if you’re anxious about SUP, and whether it really is for you, parting with a significant amount of wonga might not be the best course of action.

Fatstick Wooden Menace 10.6ft

While Fatstick produces quality SUPs and surfboards (don’t take our word for it, read the reviews on SUP Mag UK – and SUPBoarder – we also put this kit out with a price tag that’s easier going on your wallet.

Now don’t get us wrong; if you want to rip, shred and tear waves apart, then no worries, we can cater for you. And if you fancy getting stuck into SUP racing then we also have suitable kit (team rider Will Littleboy proves just that). But the truth is: most paddlers simply want to float around and have some fun in the sun. If there’s a little bump in the mix then awesome, but we appreciate this isn’t a priority. Our affordable SUP gear will give you as much stoke as you’re willing to digest – all we ask is that you don’t confuse our affordable gear with cheap.

Cheap means rubbish and there’s a raft of cheap stand up paddle kit and surfboards flooding the market. All you have to do is check eBay. Cheap gear will simply not stand the test of time, not provide as much usability and may even cause problems for you when on the water.

fatstick SUP Reuben May

If you’re determined to spend the least amount of cash possible on your new board or paddle then no problem. We’re happy you’re stoked on getting wet. If after a short period of time your equipment decides to give up the ghost, then give us a call, you know where we are and we’re happy to help – and still without breaking your bank.

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