Counting Our Blessings in 2017

Old Year/New Year

With a jammed 2017 nearly behind us - Reuben and the FatStick Team thought it only right to look over the year that's past and take a moment to appreciate just how amazing it has been.

With so many new products, events, people, associations and possibilities - what isn't there to be grateful for?

Where To Begin

2017 has seen the introduction of a new chapter of FatStick with our fantastic family becoming more and more involved with our journey. Feedback, pictures and posts that share their love of our boards, has only added fuel to the fire that we have in our bellies for SUP! Our FatStick Family Album was started as a 'bit of fun' however, in just a few short months we had received a stack of your pictures showing us 'you guys on FatStick boards in your Perfect Paddling Places'.

Keep an eye on this album as we will be giving this a lot more attention in 2018.

Let's see how many pictures we can get in a full year!

Team Riders

SUP brings with it such a diverse and inclusive world - it can make it difficult to focus on one thing, however, with that in mind, we try to appeal to all and bring you just what you're looking for.

Having Peter Edkins, Andy Campbell, Emma Wall and our newest member Dave Ludgate onboard, we've been able to cover waves (Pete & Andy), all things crazy (Andy), health, wellbeing & Yoga  (Emma) and now with Dave, we have a great link with Ireland along with Clean Coasts & Surfers Against Sewage. Hopefully, the board we've donated will help Dave & the Clean Coasts team in their fight to clean the beautiful coasts of Ireland.

Something is still missing though? We need a lady wave rider to show these guys exactly how it's done! be continued!

FatStick Overseas

We were lucky to have made a link with a beautiful resort in Kefalonia and in October we visited Nikos at The Avithos Resort. Taking FatStick boards over to Greece was awesome. Business and pleasure rolled up into one very beautiful Greek Island with plenty of possibilities. The best news is that we're returning in May with more boards, more meetings and more adventures. We plan to put Kefalonia firmly on the map for SUP Holidays. Check the SUPKefalonia page for updates in 2018

We have 2 other projects lined up in 2018 that will see the FatStick Team hit some incredible destinations - we have to keep them quiet for now though as they are 'in planning' .

FatStick Facelift

2017 saw periods of 'quiet' in our world - this wasn't because we'd left you, we'd never do that. We had lots happening and as with any business, it's important to choose when to make 'changes' and how to do it without you guys being affected. New board designs saw our Wave Fish and Vida change - with research being carried out by our Team Riders along with Reuben and Nick, changes were made to the appearance and also the shapefiles. We have to say that this has been a very exciting project for us and cannot wait for the delivery of the new boards.

Our other boards couldn't be left out, so they've had a little TLC too - you'll see the results soon.

Foamies & FatSup


Our longstanding Team Rider and all round FatStick Ambassador Nick Kingston had to relinquish his place within FatStick due to family reasons, however, we weren't going to let him leave that easily and so 2018 will be the year that FatStick helps Nick realise his dream. FatStick & FatSup Adventures will be coming together in order to provide Nick with a stock of Foamie SUPs on which to create his own Boarding School. We obviously wish him all the best.

FatStick Finance

Lastly - 2017 was the year that FatStick took it up a notch by bringing 0% Finance on Boards. Sticking with our 'mission' of getting people out on the water, we wanted to help folk get the board they wanted even if they didn't have the lump sum available. After many conversations and wanting to be responsible - Reuben came up with a finance package that covered 6,9 or 12 months - meaning that with a minimal deposit, no ridiculously long period of repayment and a simple online form to be completed, we could have a board delivered to you in no time at all.

What's Next

You know the answer to that...Stick with us and all will be revealed. We have a lot of things planned for 2018 and it has the potential to be an incredible year - helping FatStick not only reach new audiences but allow us to give something back too.

Thank you for all your continued support. We wouldn't be where we are without you guys.

Stay cool and here's to 2018