Good News/Bad News/Gooder News

Busy Shipping Lines

It is no big surprise that demand on all things consumable, computers, fitness equipment and outdoor equipment was high in 2020.

Truth be told, it would seem as though that demand is not easing and as such, the quantity of containers leaving the east heading west is still high.

With a shortage of containers in China, costs are higher than usual - up to 700% higher.

Containers can cost anywhere between $9000 upwards to $14,000 and this is something that can only be maintained for so long.

For our last 2 containers, FatStick have been doing all we can not to put that cost onto our new family members. Sadly, with our next container, we will have to increase the price of the boards.

All inflatable board packages will increase by £30 from the 24th March. This means it is a cost covering exercise only.

Where Does The Money Go

As we're sure you're all aware, 2019 and 2020 has seen big changes within our processes;

  • removal of single use packaging plastic from our inflatable boards

  • planting trees to off set our carbon footprint for every board bought and every beach clean carried out

  • investing in recyclable packaging development for our hard boards (ongoing)

  • investing in charities (2 Minute Beach Clean, The Final Straw Foundation & One Wave)

  • investing in better safety procedures as standard with all boards and collaborating with charities like Above Water

  • Creating 4000 quick release belts to furnish all future, current and past family members for safety

Our cause and ethics are immovable and we will continue to strive to make changes.

FatStick is more than simply paddle boards. We are a brand that is committed to positive change.

Change for our planet, our oceans and our future generations.

We hope that you will continue to be a part of our journey and stick with us. We need you. You're our Family