It’s Not All About SUP

This beautiful little snippet of After Life is scripted so beautifully that it almost describes our ‘Why’.

What do we mean by that?

It’s very simply. Simon Sinek encourages people to ‘find their why’.

We know ‘what’ we do, we also know ‘how’ we do it. The most important part of all of that is ‘why’ we do it.

The moment of elation when someone gets to do something that lights them up and they find a new person inside. That’s what we try to achieve with every board. Or the fact that SUP can make a positive difference to someone's outlook on life.

There’s very few things better than giving people the opportunity to experience the feeling of being on the water - with their thoughts, at peace, hearing themselves - that’s why we do what we do.

Mental health is a very popular subject at the moment and with the current pandemic, job losses, shielding, loss of life and people’s lives changing - the mental health impact will be here for years to come. We can’t change that, but what we can do is our very best to give everyone the chance to find a way to cope and deal with what happens next.

It's very easy to become a sales machine, throw a few 'THE BEST SUPs EVER' or 'THE MOST AFFORDABLE' and not forgetting Andy's personal favourite ' THE NUMBER 1 BOARD IN (*insert location) ACCORDING TO REVIEWS'!


The thing is...there is no such thing. There truly never will be. There is no 'Best', 'Most', 'Number 1''s simply not possible.


What there is, is a set of ethics, rules, value, belief, vision or cause that drives people. Even you guys have one, whether you know it or not. And whether you choose your own or invest in someone else's, you have a cause.


Buy whatever board you want. Most iSUPs are created the same anyway. The only thing that's different is the design or maybe a little shaping, but ultimately, and a lot of peeps don't like to read it, they're the same or at least....similar.


Duel Fusion, Double Layer, PVC, Drop Stitch...pretty similar. Best quality, won't accept anything but the best, quality processes, they're the same/similar too.

If you’ve read this far, you’re invested into what we’re talking about - so give the video a little watch.

Stay safe. Take care. Look after you and those around you.

Us 😘