New Fatstick team rider – Steve Roberts interview

Fatstick recently acquired the services of Steven Roberts to help promote and push the Fatstick SUP brand. Steve is a local south coast paddler/windsurfer and will be representing us at both surf and race events in 2016. We caught up with Steve to find out a little more about him. Check out the interview below.

Give us a little bit of your stand up paddle board background - when did you start, where did you learn and what prompted you to take up SUP? 


I think it was 2009 when I first had a go on a SUP. I rented one from Andy Biggs on Hayling and took it out to the sand bar and rode a wave for what seemed like miles. I remember telling all my mates how good it was – they took the piss for a while. A couple of months later we all had them though. For us it was the perfect light wind alternative to windsurfing.

Where’s your local put in and what does it offer from a SUP point of view?

Hayling Island is my local spot. It’s great for all disciplines of paddle boarding. We’ve got waves off the south side and sheltered harbours all round for flat days. If we could move the Isle of Wight out of the way it would be perfect!


Do you have specific spots in mind when you paddle or are you just happy to be immersed in salty brine? 

I normally go wherever the waves look good. Saunton Sands is a favourite weekend spot. I would love to go to Hawaii but more realistically I hope to get over to Ireland or back up to Tiree this year. 


Got any bucket list spots you want to tick off in the coming weeks, months and years? 

You can’t beat your home break when it’s firing, but I’ve had some great sessions at Saunton (Devon). Super long and mellow waves. 

Who's your regular paddle crew and how do they add to your everyday SUP mix?

The usual suspects down at Hayling’s seafront (I won’t name them because they’re usually meant to be somewhere else). Trips away are with my windsurf mates. It works well, we are all about the same ability in windsurfing and SUP so are always pushing each other. 


What about surfing heroes in general - which rippers do you look up to?

Guys like Laird Hamilton and Kai Lenny are great all rounders.

What’s your favourite SUP discipline?


Planning on doing any comps this year? If so, where and when?

I’ve got the South Coast Surf SUP Classic in the next few weeks. I’m also planning on doing all the BSUPA wave events in 2016. As for racing, I’m doing the Round Hayling at Easter and then hopefully various club races over the summer.


Talk to us about the Fatstick kit you’ll be rocking this year - what's your set up all about?

For surfing I will be using Fatstick’s 8.6ft Fish. It’s a bit bigger than I normally use but super easy to catch waves and still very manoeuvrable so should be ideal for competitions. For racing I will be the Fatstick 14ft Bamboo race board.

As a team rider, what does that entail? What are you expected to deliver in return for support from Fatstick?

It’s a sweet deal. I get the loan of the boards for the year and in return I will be competing and representing Fattsick in as many comps as possible and generally helping to promote the brand through social media and being seen on the water.


Do you do anything specific as far as training goes outside of water time - weights or gym work for instance? 

I do cross fit 3-4 days a week and some running. Crossfit is functional fitness (pull ups, burpees and stuff like that) combined with Olympic weight lifting – ideal training for SUP.

How does this compliment your stand up paddling? 

It builds strength, fitness and flexibility so I’m hoping it pays of in the racing.

Any final shouts, thanks or praise?

Thanks to Fatstick for the support so far and to this amazing winter of swell and wind!