Our new toy - meet the Fatstick SUPSkate 8ft!

Over the past few weeks we've been leaking tit bits of info about our brand new stand up paddle surfboard - the SUPSkate 8ft.

We're super stoked to be able to offer a product that's been 100% designed, shaped and produced in the UK. As a home grown watersports company we think it's important to show what can be achieved on Blighty shores - utilising the design talents of a local shaper. This Fatstick SUPSkate 8ftproves that we're committed to producing equipment suitable for conditions we find in this country and therefore service the needs of UK SUPers. It also shows that we're not afraid of investing in innovative products and being more than simply an affordable stand up paddle boarding brand.

That said, the SUPSkate is still affordable - at £799 you simply can't knock it!

We'd also like to extend out thanks to SUP Mag UK who have been testing the prototype version for review in the next issue. Utilising their expertise and
listening to feedback has helped no end with the finished product. (They also got some cracking shots for us to use as well). Thanks guys!

The Fatstick SUPSkate 8ft x 32" x 3.74" x 130L will be available from January 2016 - get your order in now!. In the meantime, if you want to discuss the SUPSkate 8ft, or any other Fatstick product, then please don't hesitate to give us a call on 07791 076537.

12188524_447276978802603_189573181_nSUPSkate 8ft