Pulling Back The Curtain 'A Year At FatStick'

We're Still Here...

Things Are Changing

Whilst we've been quiet and may have seemed as though we've been sitting back 'resting on our laurels' - this couldn't be further from the truth.

We have taken a step back and for nearly a year - with lots of input from Team Riders, customers and our own research - we've given FatStick a little TLC and a shake-up.

Whilst our brand has grown and improved year on year, the time came when we needed to 'grasp the nettle' and give our boards a little facelift. Having boards for 'All Rounders' and making them affordable isn't easy. It's all about keeping the costs low, but not cutting corners.

"What have you done"? you may ask. The old adage of 'if it ain't broke' isn't always true, sometimes things need to be refreshed as it keeps you current. So, enough of the blah…

...our boards have been reviewed and you'll see that there are new deck pads on the rigid SUPS but we’ve kept our Bamboo as it’s a piece of us. We've introduced a new Yoga Specific iSUP that has been designed alongside Emma Wall from 'Ocean Flow Fitness' and we're very proud of it. The Yoga iSUP has attracted attention in a very short space of time and we've even made links with another Yoga Guru in Kefalonia.

Our iSUPs have been rolled out in Parkwood Outdoors in Dolygaer after a great and productive meeting.

….and not forgetting FatStick’s trip to Kefalonia which has seen us invited back in May. Having calls from our new contact in Kefalonia who has introduced us to several beach owners is a real boost and could see FatStick in Kefalonia as a permanent fixture!

There's More

Reuben has been beavering away on our Wave SUPs. FatStick will always be a brand of boards that aim to get folks out on the water, no matter what their budget or skillset. In the


world of Paddleboarding, there should be no ego. There should only be an ethos of 'family' and we embrace that - however, we do love having a couple of boards that are made for the true wave riders out there. Seeing a FatStick Surf SUP ripping on a wave fills us with pride. So, with that in mind and with 2 great wave riders in our team, why wouldn’t use their knowledge and skills.

Peter Edkins and Andy Campbell have both been riding our Vida and with their endorsements and tweaks, the Vida 'Peter Edkins Edition' and the 'new' Wave Fish are now in production. With the new shapefiles in place, these boards will be with us in plenty of time for the new surf season. We cannot wait for them to reach us and are super excited. Having the chance to concentrate on working through colours, designs and shapefiles has been a real treat and taken us back to where it all began!


So that's the iSUP's taken care of, the new Wave SUPs and our 'All Rounders' - what's left?

We'll tell you! We took on a project to produce an indestructible SUP and made the FatStick Enduro. Whilst there have been similar boards on the market, we wanted to have a FatStick version and were very happy with how this turned out. Our 'acid test' was Nick Kingston running the board over in his car - a little more than we needed, but I guess it was the 'proof of the pudding'!

Our next development comes in the form of our FatStick Foamie. This was born from 'the want' to get people out on the water without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. We strive to bring paddle boards to everyone and we take pride in this. As such, we now have the Foamie in our arsenal and this comes with an adjustable paddle and leash for under £400! A genuine offer that opens the door of SUPing to so many people.

A Sad End

Whilst we try to make all our news happy, the last piece of news leaves a gap that can't be filled. We have to say goodbye to Nick Kingston. Nick has always been a supporter and champion of FatStick, always giving 100%. Nick embodies the ethos that we believe in and although a great Team Rider, Board Ambassador, Developer and Friend to FatStick, he carries no baggage, no ego and you'll not see Nick smile larger than when he's teaching. Due to events at home, Nick has had to step away from us, but has assured us he'll not lose touch. We, as FatStick and Reuben, as a friend need to say a big 'Thank You' to Nick. You've been a big part of the FatStick journey.

With all that in mind and as sad as this news is to the team, Nick remains one of the 'FatStick Family' as he will be undertaking a new journey as the owner of his own SUP School! FatSup Adventures will be Nick's new project along with a good friend - FatSup will be a SUP School that teaches on Hayling Island using our very own FatStick Foamies. Our first SUP school to use them - and we're stoked it’s Nick that kicks it all off.

Good Luck Nick - We'll miss you!

So here is to the future and the new look of FatStick - we are so grateful to those of you that have been part of our journey up until now, we hope you'll stick with us and enjoy our new chapter!

The FatStick Team