Santa Comes Early to FatStick

What Did He Bring?

It seems to have taken forever, however, we are very happy to announce a new team rider.

As a SUP company we are lucky to receive lots of interest from folks who ask to ‘represent’ FatStick in many walks of life – and whilst it’s not the nicest of jobs to politely have to decline their fantastic offers – sometimes the opportunity arises and we’d be silly to say no.

In October we received a fantastic message from this guy who simply embodied all the values of FatStick. After a few weeks of messages back and forth, it was obvious that this guy was going to be nothing but an asset for FatStick and more importantly SUPing in general. With great coverage, photos and participation in some awesome events - FatStick needed to ‘get on board’ (pun intended).

Who Is It?

So, I guess it’s only right and proper to introduce you all to him? Meet Dave ‘Subowti’ Ludgate from Cork in beautiful Ireland.

What do we know about Dave?

We’ll tell you – he’s an active paddler and you can follow his adventures on his own Facebook page & also on his Instagram page. You will find him paddling on rivers, around the coasts and pretty much anywhere you can find water. Dave’s passions have led him to become a volunteer with ‘Clean Coasts’ allowing him to get involved in beach & river cleans.

Not long ago, Dave featured on the Clean Coasts Facebook page after fishing a wheely bin from a river. A qualified Windsurf Instructor who has had his time competing in the Irish Slalom Series – Dave is passionate about the environment and is a Plastic Free Coastline Community Leader for Surfers Against Sewage.

Due to the fantastic work Dave is taking part in, we will be donating a large touring board for him to use with Clean Coasts – this will help them collect more debris and assist in cleaning up the beautiful Irish coastline.

To The Future in Ireland

So, welcome to Dave. We’re very glad to have you as part of the FatStick Family.

Here’s to the future and lots of rubbish (and a few waves😉).
All pictures thanks to @subowti