Setting The Stall Out

Keep It Short & Sweet

Let's try to get this out there without bleating. We're going to address boards, quantities, containers and quality. But we're going to attempt it in one paragraph!

Wish us luck🤣!

There are rumours flying around at the moment about poor quality DWF material (the stuff the inflatables are made from). Quotes telling you all, the factories that are managing to provide boards (I guess like ours) are willing to accept poor quality drop stitch material. Fact of the matter is, there is 1 HUGE manufacturer of DWF in China (an others obvs), and this supplier actually supplies most factories. That's how big it actually is. How do we know this? Because we've been there. To China. You know, actually in our factory. Speaking to the technicians! Watching it happen...Anyway, we're all good at FatStick and there is no danger of poor quality material. In fact, when I addressed this with our factory owner, they were fervent and almost offended when replying!
So there you have it. We could waffle on, but there's no point. That's why you buy reputable. That's why you buy with a long warranty in place. If we provide less than perfect, we address and amend.
After all, no one is perfect.
That is a fact.

There you go....the explanation in one hit, one paragraph and with little deviation.

The WE WILL(s)

We will have plenty of boards by the beginning of April as one of our shipments has been pushed back by 10 days, however the second, due in a week later, is on time and we have high hopes😊.

We will then have another shipment of boards ready for June and then July and then again in August.

We will have to increase our price by £30 per board on the 24th March to cover the excruciating container costs, but we've sucked this up for the past 2 containers, this time we have no choice. However, we will be increasing it by 'just' enough per board.

We will continue to work with amazing charities and organisations that have epic missions - One Wave Sidmouth, 2Minute Beach Clean, The Final Straw Foundation, Access Adventures, Local Schools, Life Jacket, Moonshine, Merch Locker and and The Long Paddle, amongst many others!

We will continue to help the SUP community as best we can.

We will continue to support our amazing family as you guys support us.

That's it! All done.

We tried our best to keep it brief and to the point.....!


..........oh, and the skateboards are sooooo close to being ordered! We'll talk about that later😊