So Many Lessons Learnt

Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction Every Time.

....and boy haven't we experienced this over the past few months thanks to Covid.

Let's go back a little. 2020 started, it was chilly, everything seemed to be on track for a normal year - then came March and everything ground to a halt!

In this situation it would be wise to hunker down, take stock, protect yourself and look to make it through a terrible situation....or, you could link up with a great team that live for SUP (amongst other things).

Who do we mean? Dale Mears & Darren Farrer. Dale and Darren are the guys who run the Social Media pages ‘Stand Up Paddle UK’ on Instagram & Facebook.

These guys review all manner of equipment - from cameras to pumps, PFDs to boards. Impartial and passionate, these guys give up their time to interview brands and delve deeper into their inner workings and aim to bring new paddlers, old paddlers and those that are just interested, clear, simple and pertinent information.

It was during a conversation with Dale that kicked us into action and caused us to remove all plastic from our inflatable stand up paddle board packaging.

Our next move is to add waist belts/quick release belts into our iSUP packages as standard. This idea being raised by Dale and Darren made perfect sense. So many new paddlers to the sport means lots of inexperience heading out onto the water around the country. Whilst a fair few peeps will hit the sea and hopefully listen to the advice given by our information videos talking about currents and wind, we almost forget the river and moving water paddlers. These guys buy boards with a standard coiled leash which, in reality is not suitable for moving water. So, with feedback, we are in the process of creating quick release belts, ordering and adding these into our packages for boards made in 2021.

If you river paddle or paddle on moving waters - check this link for a little explanation from Dale on Quick Release belts.

Why? What? How?

Having guys like this talking to all manner of peeps on all manner of boards covering all manner of brands means you get a balanced and unbiased opinion which, in turn, helps you grow as a brand. After all, there's no such thing as 'perfect' or 'the best. In fact, these are 2 things you should steer clear of. After all, if someone or something is 'perfect' or 'the best' they/it will never improve and seek to grow - we know that we have lots to do with our sustainability, growth, product and service - but we listen and we're always present.

This last year has seen some incredible changes in our packaging, packages, sustainability and we're not scared to admit it's due to outside influence and feedback.

This is what keeps us guys! it is. Meet Darren and Dale. 2 great guys with a great mission and a fantastic page that keeps peeps 'in the know' and doing it without blahing on with blurb and technical wizardry! The best part - message them and they will get back to you.

Cheers guys!