Where Does The Time Go?

The year is flying by and it’s rapidly becoming a blur! We’ve had such an eventful 7 months so far and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down!The year began with new designs being finalised for the new Wave Fish & Vida, along with the new deck pad colours on the rigid boards!Our year then fell wonderfully into Plastic Patrol and chatting with Lizzie Carr who has devoted her time to not just picking up litter from our coasts and waterways, but raising awareness of her work and educating us all as to the consequences of single-use plastics!

Because of Lizzie, we knew that this was the year that FatStick was in a position to start giving something back. Our growth has seen us able to start to make changes to our use of plastics, recycled materials and also affect others positively in the process.

FatStick linked up with a local group of schools on Hayling Island and the partnership with the Hayling Island 5 Schools (Hi-5) was born. Working with the Headteachers, we ventured out on our first ever FatStick Beach Clean and what an effect! Not only were the kids fully engaged and loving the challenge of making their area of beach immaculate, the teachers, parent helpers and members of the public that passed all joined in.

After several cleans we had to call a halt to them due to an Ofsted visit for the Hayling College (they received a well deserved ‘Good’ by the way – way to go guys) and SATs for the Junior pupils (both schools have come without glowing reports – epic news)!

Now it’s the summer holidays and there are big plans for new Beach Cleans and for them to become a ‘termly’ event, meaning that there is a real buy in by the schools. David Bessant Headteacher of Mill Rythe Junior School has committed to Paddling around the island in order to raise money and also, raise awareness for Single Use Plastics!

There’s no doubt that David has caught the SUP-Bug!

New Boards

Our new Hardcase board is due in any day now and Reuben & Andy are too excited! With a board being built of partially reclaimed material and recycled plastics, it means that FatStick is starting to make a difference, not only at home, but also from the board’s origin on the factory floor. This project, if successful, will see us trying to make this a big part of our board production. The All Rounders will stay, as will the Surf SUPs, but with new options comes new boards.

Taking of new boards, we have seen a huge demand for our Foamies and we are stunned at their stability, manoeuvrability, surfability and looks(ability)! There are more on the way, we promise! We've also jumped into the world of Sit On top Kayaks with Kayaks for the Little Dudes in your life! They're on their way too!


We also have a new toy!

Yes, they just keep coming! We don’t sit back and wait for adventure to come to us - life is boring looking out from your comfort zone! So, with that in mind Reuben has been penning the design of a new board…the ‘SUP Skate v2’. This beaut is different in shape, design, shape and colour! This is another Reuben ‘lightbulb’ moment!

I think that may be all!

….nah! Who are we kidding! We have Pete Edkins living in the sea at the moment waiting for that wave! Andy Campbell is going crazy waiting for the wave and we found him riding his board upside down! We need waves soon! We also want to send big love to Dave Ludgate who has had surgery on his back this year and is on his way back!

Get Well Soon Dave.

So, talking of folks on FatSticks, we welcome Richie ‘The Strength Temple’ Norton who is now riding a Pink Panther iSUP and living it! Yes, we mean actually ‘living’ it! Richie is well worth following! His advice and daily ‘Rich’uals help get you ready for your day, feel good, improve your strength and is pretty incredible for Mind, Body & Soul! We have a second board heading out to Richie soon as he will be showing us just what can be achieved on a SUP! Welcome to the FatStick Family Richie



Lastly, we need to say a big thank you to all our Family Members. Some call you Board Ambassadors, som call you Customers, we call you family! The FatStick Family! We say it over and over – we’d be nowt without you!



Sam Rogers! You’re a #legend!