Why We Do IT

The Answer Is Obvious...

We ❤️ It

From the very first time we set foot off the plane in Shanghai, we knew that what we were doing was right.

For nearly 7 years, FatStick has designed and shipped boards to the UK, but without actually needing to understand exactly where they came from, who was making them, what the conditions were like and what processes were 'actually' going into each board.

Reuben made the decision that it was time to actually get involved and be a responsible supplier - from the initial design to the cutting of the raw materials, to the boards arriving in the UK ready to be sold.

Why is this important? Good question...the answer is, integrity.

Corporate? Too businessy? Empty words? - not in this case. Our trips haven't been for photo opportunities, they have been for genuine reasons that have actually improved our processes. We've had our stumbles on the journey so far, but for every stumble, trip or fall we always emerge stronger. Therefore, if we encounter fewer problems, it ultimately means that you get a better service.

Why China

That question is easily answered - it's where the majority of boards are made. Fact!

So, do we hide the fact or do we embrace it and let you lot see exactly what goes into the manufacturing of the boards that you may ultimately buy...that's obvious. You pay the money, you have the right to know.

We don't know of many others that have traveled to their factory, and we are proud that we are in the minority of those that have.

With Stand Up Paddleboarding still growing it's pointless trying to keep up with X or copy what Y is doing. Focussing on us, on our products and most importantly, on you guys is what makes FatStick work. This industry is so full of brands, so it's hugely important to remain focussed, do what we do and make sure we do it well.

Our Aim

Will we ever make 'the best' board? No. Will we ever make 'the lightest/fastest/cheapest/strongest/prettiest' board...probably not.

So what are we going to do? We'll tell you - we're going to keep on doing what we do.

We will always be that brand that tries to give you more. The brand that tries to be responsive and listens to you. The brand that makes you feel valued as a member of a family, not just an 'end-user'. Why is this important? You guys are basically our shop windows and we couldn't be luckier, having such a good looking bunch showing off FatStick boards😉.

But seriously, since we created our FatStick Family Album to show the world our epic family - so many have followed suit and realised just how important it is to 'big up' their own families. Rest assured, at FatStick, we will always be the most annoying Nana showing off her pictures of her family to the stranger on the bus.

You guys are too awesome not to shout about!

Is That It For 2019

....are you kidding? As we type, Reuben is designing 2 brand new boards and they're very different from the 'FatStick norm'. In fact, they're pretty out there and we love 'em!

Travel...again - that's not over with yet. The rubber is still fresh on the runway from our recent travels to China and we're already arranging our trip to Cork, Ireland to meet up with the truly epic Surf2Heal.

With 5 new 12' FatStick Foamies with rail handles on the boat on their way to the UK, we will be arranging to take them over and say 'Hi' as soon as they arrive!

We have been chatting with Tessa and Caira from Surf2Heal G-Town and they're all ready for their boards!

These boards will be put to good use by Surf2Heal who are a non-profit initiative created in 2008 by Garretstown Surf Club in Kinsale, with the aim of introducing surfing to children and young people with autism. Engagement and nurturing matched with fun and a sports discipline helps these kids get so much more out of life! It is a real honour and pleasure to be working with them!

If the China Vlog works, we'll get Reubs to do another for Ireland....and this time, we'll have the fabulous Sam Rogers with us too!

That's it! Thank you again, and again, and again.....for all your incredible support, positive vibes, feedback and just being there! We wouldn't be FatStick without you lot! Keep being epic!

Check out Reubs' attempt at becoming a Travel Correspondent - to be fair, we don't think he did too bad😉

Below is just a little teaser of the Vlog - head over to the FatStick YouTube Channel to watch the full length Vlog.